3M™ Attest™ Monitoring Starter Kit 115


3M™ Attest™ Monitoring Starter Kit 115

A biological control test is the only positive assurance that steriliztion conditions have been achieved. The Attest Biological Monitoring System provides an accurate and cost-effective test for non-sterilizing conditions in a sterilizer. A biological indicator is a preparation of living spores supplied in sealed vials. The test vials are sterilized and then compared to control vials. If sterilization conditions have not been met, the processed, incubated vials and the unprocessed control vials will display the same colors or conditions. A control test should be performed at least weekly in each sterilizer, although many hospitals prefer to test after each sterilization cycle.

Attest Monitoring Starter Kit includes:

1 Attest Incubator (Mfr #116).

1 Box Attest Biologiacl Indicators (Mfr #1262P).

1 Attest Steam Log Book (Mfr #1266). 1 Roll 3M Steam Indicator Tape (1" x 60 yds.).

1 Bag Chemical Integrators (Mfg # 1243B) Attest Biological Indicators are used with steam sterilizers. 

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3M™ Attest™ Monitoring Starter Kit 115

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